About Us

In August of 2016, we purchased 2 used solar power/pedal power trikes. Used they were about 1/2 the cost of what a new  trike would be, and even then that’s expensive. They’re called ELFs Electric, Light, and Fun by Organic Transit. They are a blast to pedal But, they do have a few design problems. But then again all new ideas and products do.


                      Lucky and Shelby

               Big Bear Lake Pedal Path

I’m not in the greatest of shape but, when I’m out pedaling it’s a great feeling and I always want to do more and go farther. I can feel the health benefits and my endurance growing everyday with every ride.

The ELF is kinda dorky looking, but I’m ok with that it’s fun to be different.

My little mango colored Elf is named Shelby after the Ford Mustang. I have all the comforts (kinda) of a car and the convenience of a bike. I’ve installed bluetooth speakers that can USB charge my phone and a small battery for extra lighting. I definitely need to be seen on those night rides and evening commutes. I even have a trunk, which allows me to shop, even go to yes, Costco. One of the coolest things about shopping with Shelby is that I always have a parking space.

The Elf has a 100 watt solar panel that recharges the LiPo 15amp battery or you can recharge via a standard AC outlet. I have disk brakes, an instrument panel/Cycle Analyst, windows, headlight, turn signals and a horn. Some ELFs come with a lot more options.

My average ride is 7-19 miles just for commuting or errands, but we’ve done 40 miles roundtrip just to get lunch. Let’s pedal off those calories.

Follow along with us. Better yet join us. First I need to get you up to date with what’s been happening. I’ll be posting bike and trail rides, successes and failures along with every repair.