Greasy bike chains and dresses

Well Shelby let me down today. Out the door with plenty of time to get to key appointments and dressed to impress we pedal off.

It’s 85 degrees and getting warmer. About half way there and We were really zipping the motor chain comes off and wedges against the frame. Ugh!

We are on a very busy street. As I pedal to a save spot I can analyze the situation. Hmm… there’s a tree way down there I’ll pedal to it, lean Shelby over and put the chain on.

Well that didn’t work it was a small tree and it’s bending Shelby in way she’s not suppose to bend. Ok let’s pedal the mile back to fast food row and get something to drink, cool down and reschedule all those appointments.

Now what? It’s 3 miles home and up a very slight incline. Without the motor assistance I’m really going to struggle.

Now what? Well first I’m going to enjoy the air conditioning. Then for the first time in 27 years I’m going to call hubby and ask for help. Yes, I’m a wimp I’m dressed super, super nice and in a dress. The last thing I need is chain grease or dirt on this outfit. If he can’t help out I’m pedaling to Precision Tune a few blocks away. We occasionally get the car repaired there. I know they’ll help out. Did I say I’m dressed really nice! But for now I’m enjoying a cool drink. Maybe I’ll read the paper too.


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