Let’s Race!

The Adventures of Shelby

October 2016

Southern California morning traffic, hmmm. I had this brilliant idea I’ll race my husband to his place of employment. Who will win?

The family van and the freeway vs me pedaling my little solar power assist, ELF/bike named Shelby and side streets. The race will cover approximately 8+ miles during the morning rush hour.

Well, normally his commute on the freeway is slow. Traffic, accidents, and metered backed up on the ramp. He works on a college campus more traffic and very little parking. I really thought I’d win and would have on a normal day. But here’s what happened.

Out of the driveway we go. At the first signal light he zips thru the yellow. I cuss at him and wait it out. For 2 miles he’s within my sight. I’m thinking for sure I’ll pass him at the metered freeway ramp entrance. Are you kidding me there…

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